Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Carmarthens schools soldier on

Queen Elizabeth High

Today, we worked hard at our second session at the computer face. For logistical reasons we had to dived the class into two parts. This meant that we had to work efficiently at making those all to difficult choices about which pictures to put in the '20 Best' folder. The task can be very tricky, especially when there are lots of lovely photos from which to choose.

Above: QE High computer session

With help from staff and buddies, though we were all able to get to the point where we could leave the work for our next and last class. Many students managed to achieve the even more tricky separation of the '10 best'. These, of course, will be the shots that will be printed up for the exhibition.

Johnstown Juniors

All, despite problems with the computer system, today had a great session. This entailed quite long waits for everybody while the files were copied to the individual computers. Nevertheless, buddies from year six were on hand to help out when things got going. Everybody achieved the goal of choosing their twenty best and some did better by getting to the final choices. Well done!

Above: Johnstown Juniors hard at it!

Next session, we will need to finalise choices and name the pictures, providing a caption for each one. Also, the individual portraits and final group shots will be taken.

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