Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Carmarthen schools take up the final challenge

Queen Elizabeth High Comprehensive

Working very hard, the students at QE High finalised the work for the project today. As before, we did it in sections and this worked very well, especially as we had buddies from the sixth form to help out. It is always tricky to decide what your best shots are and it's even more difficult to say why you took them.

Above: The class and staff at the last session at QE High

Nevertheless, everyone finished the tasks and we all were satisfied that we had done the best we could. There is no doubt that the exhibition is going to be very beautiful. Judging by the selections that people have made and the comments they have made about them, we will have a star of a show. Congratulations everybody!

Johnstown Juniors

It has been a long haul, but the rewards are very great. The class at Johnstown are stars. There are many fine pictures and, I hope, some very happy children. Today, we worked extremely hard to finish our tasks, which we did in the time limit. Some of the class were unavailable; so they will have to do the last bits in class time. That aside, it was a magnificent achievement.

Above: Students and buddies at the last session in Johnstown

Again, the year six buddies were on hand to offer advice and assistance. Their help was invaluable and it was great to include them in the final group shot. We had a lot of fun taking the portrait pictures and it will be lovely to see them proudly placed on their own boards at the exhibition.

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