Friday, 22 January 2010

What a nice change!

What a nice change! It’s January, so it won’t be warm, but today the sun shined for us as we explored Pembroke Castle with the kids from the comprehensive this morning. It really is big, with thick walls overlooking the river and town and a huge central tower that is nearly eight hundred years old. With lots to see and explore (and photograph) we went all round the castle taking many pics of everything from details in the stones to the mysterious underground cavern where stone age people lived. Having explored the towers and the buildings and looked at the views, we spent time at the gatehouse, where there is a museum and exhibition.

We saw waxwork tableaux of royal banquets, scenes of life in the castle during late medieval times and many other interesting exhibits. We learned that Henry VII was actually born there. Most of the kids liked the scale model of the castle and the grounds as it would have looked in medieval times. In fact, when it came to looking at the pictures back in class, quite a number of the children chose photos of the model as one of their three favourites for the day.

Above: Comprehensive class outside Henry VII%27s Tower

Apart from taking great images of one of Wales’ most impressive castles and having a nice morning out in the rare sunshine, we did learn how important it is to keep checking your work by looking at the photos as they are taken.

Unfortunately, for staffing reasons, we were unable to go out with the juniors in the afternoon, but we hope to make a new arrangement very soon.

Next time we meet, we will start work on the computers, downloading the work and beginning the process of choosing the best work.

Ken Day, photographer