Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ysgol Penyrheol

It has been a very successful project with Penyrheol. In fact the students had got on so well with the final tasks that we were able to take time and have fun taking the last of the portraits and the group shots.

Above: Penyrheol pupils and staff having fun

We started a bit formally with everybody lined up a little tensely, but then as we relaxed more, the group interacted in amusing ways and we got some fine pictures. A sense of camaraderie has been a characteristic of this group from the beginning and the photos taken of them in this session reflect that.

Ysgol Penybryn

The students at Penybryn have done wonderfully well. All the classroom tasks have been completed and, apart from some detail work, what had to be done was to take everybody's portraits and to do the group shots. Very much like Penyrheol, the students here are very supportive of each other.

Above: Penybryn students and staff in relaxed mood at the end of the project

This quality was very helpful during the portrait taking, with several of the young people acting as facilitators, gathering in the others and helping with the names. Later, after we'd got the mug shots, there was more fun as they enjoyed the process of lining up, learning to relax in front of the camera and interacting in a natural way. The results were very good indeed.

Everybody is now looking forward to seeing their work at the exhibition in the plush surroundings of the Grand Theatre.

The Big Exhibition of both Swansea schools' work

Please note the following dates and place:

2nd of November, 12.30pm - Grand Theatre, Swansea: Presentation of gifts to all students by the Mayor of Swansea

3rd November, 9.00am to 5.00pm - Grand Theatre, Swansea: Exhibition open

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