Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Carmarthen schools have a great time on their first field trips

Queen Elizabeth High

The sun shone on our field trips today, and although there were a lot of logistical matters to sort before we could leave the school in two buses, it stayed fine all the time we were out. It was a relatively short trip to Carmarthen Park, but there was a lot there to photograph, including the Gorsedd Stones, the ornate Victorian bandstand, many trees and the unique cycling track. So we made the most of this opportunity, taking hundreds of pictures. It's fair to say that all the students enjoyed the experience and they took some terrific photos. Back in school, we got into the practice of looking through the day's work and choosing the best three, then showing them to me one at a time.

Above: QE High students and staff enjoying the sun at the Carmarthen bandstand

The habit of looking at all the session's images helps the budding photographers' confidence and, hopefully, the comments guide their future work. Judging by this day's collection, it's going to be a great exhibition.

Johnstown Juniors

What an enthusiastic group! It was difficult holding them back on this, our first field trip. On the way to Johnstown Park, we stopped off at the school's own garden and found some lovely subjects to photograph, including stunning close up shots of many kinds of foliage and even a large plastic frog. A short walk away is the park and playground with the small river running through it.

Above: Johnstown Juniors in the school garden

It is very interesting that in such a small area there can be so many photo opportunities. Two stones bridges, lots of river textures, several different trees and plants on the ground provided ample subjects for the children. We spent an enjoyable hour there. Back in school, it was a real treat to view the kids' best shots – so much creativity unleashed is such a short period. There's no doubt that this project has a beneficial effect on these children.

The Big Exhibition of both Swansea schools' work

Please note the following dates and place:

2nd of November, 12.30pm - Grand Theatre, Swansea: Presentation of gifts to all students by the Mayor of Swansea

3rd November, 9.00am to 5.00pm - Grand Theatre, Swansea: Exhibition open

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