Friday, 5 February 2010

Time in the Classroom

I never thought I'd be happy to spend time in the class room, rather than go out and take pictures; but today was the exception. We spent the day doing the first day of the computer training sessions at Milford Haven in both the comprehensive and the juniors, and while the weather did its worst, we were snug indoors.

Starting, as usual, with the comp kids, we learned how to download from the camera and how to create and name folders. This is very important to know, otherwise finding our work later will be nearly impossible. Once we had created the relevant folders for all the field trips we made, there was time to have the first go at looking closely at the pictures we have taken. There are so many that it will take quite a time to choose our best twenty. Once we have them, we will make the final choice of ten, which will go into the exhibition.

Having spent the time with the comp, Cheryl and I did the same thing with the juniors in the afternoon.

I must say that everybody from both schools did very well and taking a first peek at some of the images the children have made was very encouraging. I'm sure we will have a cracking show.

Next time we meet, we will continue working on the computers, making those first all too difficult choices about which pictures we think are best. The added challenge when we make the final ten to be exhibited will be to name the pictures and to say why we have chosen them.

Ken Day, photographer

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